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Edu Experts provides a transformational experience and management to its students who are expected to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity, professional commitment and business ethics. Life at the institute is fantastic social experience which develops a sense of belongingness to the community among students and makes cross-cultural interaction easier in their future lives.

Distance and eLearning education simply means imparting education from a distance wherein the teacher and the student are physically separated. The medium of instruction is English comprehensive course content. Comprehensive course content will be supplied to all the students. Students enrolled with different programs will receive complete study material in 30 days of payment of fee. The material supplied will cover the syllabus of the course. Those who wish to take further help can access the library, Internet and other sources to widen their knowledge as well as to solve the case studies.


Assignments are an internal part of the education. The study material supplied will also contain assignments to be submitted by the students to evaluate their performance by the local counselors.

Doubt Clearance

Local counselors will be available during office hours to assist in clearing study related doubts of the student. Students can also seek doubt clearance via internet and subject specialist will answer his quarries within next 24 hours.

One-O-One Session

Students will get their FAQ’s removed during weekend classes at the last quarter of the session for better grip of the subject.

Project Report/Case Studies

Students will be required to prepare and submit the required report/case studies for evaluation by the subject experts. Students will be given opportunities to discuss with their fellow students to interact to learn the practicality of the cases.


The Examination Procedure consists of three different Methodologies:

  • Study Centre
  • Exam from Home/Open Book System
  • Online (Subjective/Objective)

Study Centre method consists of complete theoretical Question Answer based examination. Each semester will have 10 days for completion. Within these 10 days the examination will be held at the respective study centre where the examination period will be for 3 hours per subject. Students will be allowed to take up examinations as they wish within these 10 days with a day break or with no break.

Exam from Home or the Open Book System is a unique way of appearing for exams. In this method student can appear for the examination any point in time from anywhere across INDIA. Student will be given a period of 10 days for each semester to submit their answer sheets in their respective eduexperts study centres via courier or speed post. The question paper will be completely situation based wherein students will be given different case studies so as to get their practical knowledge on a high. This also results in good practical knowledge for students as they take on different case studies and try and get out their own views & opinions regarding it.

Online Examination will consist of both Subjective and Objective type Questions. Students can submit their answers online through a proper submission id assigned to them. The questions will be situation based so as to get a more vibrant practical knowledge and practical thinking.

Each subject will be of 100 marks wherein the passing marks will be 50%. Students will be assigned different grades as per the outcome of their result. Students can collect their Certificates & Mark sheets from the respective Regional Office of eduexperts.


Evaluation is conceived, developed and administered on a rigorous and fair basis to bring the best in students and prepare them for challenging careers. The passing marks to obtain are fixed as 50%.

The results will appear on the institute’s website. All the successful candidates will be awarded in the certification of respective course they appeared and qualified. Those wish to seek duplicate certification need to approach Institute’s Administration Office or their nearest Centre for details of formalities.

Role in Student’s Career

Career with us

We care for your talent…

  • Become aware of the contemporary as well as evolving business environment (political, economic, legal, technological and sociological) not only from a perspective of data and information but also from a perspective of self, group and third party analysis.
  • Develop and improve upon functional skills (e.g. leadership, supervision) with a view to effectively applying concepts to context and arriving at real-world solutions to real- world problems.
  • Provide a road-map to individuals to continually move up the value chain-form individual contributor to team player to manager to leader and finally to entrepreneur.
  • Our object oriented programs gives our students an ability to address applied problems and market cases using quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Provide a road-map to individuals to continually move up the value chain-form individual contributor to team player to manager to leader and finally to entrepreneur.
  • To train the participants on how to identify new and existing opportunities in the area of business and explore them.
  • Provide a road-map to individuals to continually move up the value chain-form individual contributor to team player to manager to leader and finally to entrepreneur.