Why Edu Experts??

Edu Experts run under the aegis CHETHANA EDUCATIONAL TRUST ® established and registered under the constitutional provisions of India, Trust Act 1882. On fulfillment of provision of the constitution of India 1950, the Edu Experts is serving the people of the nation in the field of education and social development. It provides management courses through distance mode. Edu Experts have over 100+ specializations in management courses to choose from. MGF is an NGO working its way to reaching towards people in the most distant corners of not only India but world by providing Correspondence (distance mode) courses in management field & technology, specially designed courses for working professional; from Diploma/Graduate Diploma/Post Graduate Diploma/Bachelors and Masters level.

Edu Experts-has never received any grant-in-Aid either from the Government or from the UGC, so far. Therefore UGC act is not applicable on the Edu Experts. Viewed at from the fulfillment of provision of the articles 14, 19, 19(1), 21, 29, 30, 45, 46, 344, 351, of the Indian Constitutions Article 1950, Edu Experts is a matter of appreciation. Under the new education policy 1986, the Government of India laid particular stress on Open Universities and Distance Education. Edu Experts are getting necessary direction and full co-operation from educationists, professors and social workers of the country.

According to Govt. of India National Educational Policy 1986 Edu Experts is becoming one of the best institutions for spreading open and distance education under open education system.

Under Human Rights Act, 1993, autonomous body have been given special protection and consideration according to JP Unnikrishnan V/S. Government of Andhra Pradesh AIR 1993, Supreme Court of India 2178 verdict-voluntary organization like Trusts, Societies, etc., have right to spread education and issue certificates for degrees/diplomas.

Generally every student asks the question what is the constitutionally and reliability of Edu Experts certification or what short of service or where admission can be obtained by student passing out from Edu Experts?

The only answer to all such questions is that all educational Boards/Universities are Autonomous bodies run under the aegis of a trust or society. It is left to the discretion of University whether to go in for UGC approved norms of education or not (take an example of DTE). In this way every state Government is at liberty whether to provide service to a person who has passed out from a particular University or educational Board or not? Edu Experts is one of the leading educational institution of the country and its courses are similar to the courses offered by various universities and educational boards.